Content Marketing: Engaging, Well-written, Relevant, and Regular!

If you have heard anything about Content Marketing, you will have probably heard the phrase – Content is King! But what exactly is “content”? Why do I want it? Why is it considered so important?

Firstly, content is not just important, it is essential! But, it cannot be considered a stand-alone marketing solution.  Content marketing is one of many tools available to Marketeers and should be part of an overall Digital Marketing Strategy. Content creation demands thorough research; it also needs to be equally well-written</strong relevant, visually appealing and engaging; last but not least, it also needs to be regularly produced!

Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing in this context is about what you are doing online with information of your own or information created by others. Content Marketing is not meant to mean sales pitch adverts you are generating to tell people about your products or services, although we have seen it used in this context. It is intended to be the strategic application of information, content that you could be collating and sharing and content you should be creating for other people to collect and share. Well crafted content generates the need and desire for your products and services or encourages positive interactions with your brand.

For example, an Estate Agent who shares data about the local marketplace will draw a broader audience than if they post pictures of a house they have for sale. Another example, a Travel Agent offering a blog post of the Top 10 attractions to visit at a particular holiday destination as opposed to an advert for flight costs.

Sharing Content

You create content so potential / current customers can engage with and share it across multiple Social Media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) or Digital Professional Networks, such as LinkedIn. Your Blog posts or Blog posts of others, industry-relevant news stories – good or bad, can all be used and interspersed with branding and sales pitches to soften your approach to your potential customers.

Creating Quality Content

Quality content takes time to craft, well researched and structured, editorials, articles and blog posts can take many hours to compose and organise. If you take into consideration the added skills and requirements of SEO copywriting, the time can significantly increase. Meta Descriptions, Alt tags, headings, readability scores, keyword density, word counts and rigorous data checking all play an essential role in ensuring the success of the content created for your brand.

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Tabitha Fox

It takes time and research to collate and create good quality content. Strategic Content Marketing needs to be well researched, well-written, relevant, be visually appealing and engaging; it also needs to be regularly produced!

Strategic Content Marketing; Engaging, Well-written, Relevant, and Regular!