E-mail Marketing: utilise the Data you have collated Strategically and Productively

Email Marketing Campaigns – Do it the right way!

Unsolicited emails are SPAM. SPAM not only annoys consumers, but it can also impact your ability to send email marketing campaigns out via software. If too many recipients report the email as SPAM then the quality of your data and your opt-in process will be questioned by the Email Marketing Software Service (such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor), who will almost certainly prevent you from using their services.

It is important that email marketing campaigns target the people who actually want to receive your information. It is, therefore, important to consider where you have got your database of emails from and whether you are following the rules regarding Data Protection, OFCOM and Opt-In (sometimes double Opt-In) procedures.

Growing your email marketing contact database is an important strategic business move, but unless you do it correctly you may end up with an irritated group of consumers and a lot of explaining to do!

If you would like to speak to us about building an email database the right way and create visually engaging HTML emails to correspond to the collected data, we would love to help you with that.

Considering the implications regarding the quality of poorly collected data, we offer the service of email campaign design to companies who do not have a strong framework for data integrity.

To discuss your creative marketing needs, please email Social Brand Time: hello@socialbrandtime.co.uk

E-mail Marketing Campaigns - Social Brand Time

Tabitha Fox

Social Brand Time will happily work with you to create visually engaging, crafted content within the email service provider of your choice (such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor). However, we do not provide databases or take responsibility for the integrity of your data should you then wish to send the designed email to your database of recipients.

An unwanted, unrequested e-mail is SPAM! Do not send SPAM to people who you want to engage with your company in a positive way!