Where should I list my business event?

“Where should I list my business event?”  this is a question that I have been asked multiple times over the last 6 months in relation to new networking meetings, training and seminars as well as more topic specific gatherings.   This question is often paired with how should I advertise my business event?  The two questions absolutely should go hand in hand (but the second one will get a blog of its own).

There are multiple dedicated websites that I would recommend to list your business event. Eventbrite would be one, an all in one place to list, promote and sell tickets to your event, but at a cost, there is a fee to pay for selling tickets through the site.  However, it is a popular site for business event searches and one that should most definitely be considered.

Then there are the more regional websites, should Social Brand Time put on a marketing training event, it would most likely be in Kent.  So, I would be looking for sites specific to my area.

Kent Online

Kent and Medway Growth Hub

Find Networking Events

Business Kent

These could all be options depending on the nature of the event being listed and promoted.

Facebook – Always list your event on your company Facebook page as a specific event, rather than just putting a post on your page about it.  It is a common error, listing it as a Facebook event brings far more benefit.

LinkedIn Events is coming soon!  Quite frankly the feature is rather overdue, but hopefully the wait will be worth it, and I will certainly be directing clients in that direction.

Google My Business – An often forgotten but powerful platform, GMB has an events feature that should never be ignored.

Listing your business event on multiple websites and social media platforms is in no way a sure-fire way of guaranteeing a successful event.  There are many elements to building a successful event that need to be considered well before listing them online.  Sadly, this is why many events fail to succeed, the often misquoted “if you build it, they will come” could really not be further from the truth for business events.  But that really is a whole other blog!

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