Public Relations & Customer Care: Brand-awareness and Sponsorship Arrangements

Public Relations and Sponsorship are important elements of protecting your brand’s public profile.

A positive Public Relations reputation is hard-earned and takes time – don’t ruin it!

The positive reputation of a business takes a long time to build but can be ruined quickly through poorly managed Public Relations, or badly chosen partnerships.

Whilst we would all like to get it right all of the time, and many businesses strive continually to achieve this, mistakes do happen. The management of the mistake or complaint is often where companies further compound the potential damage.

Impact of Social Media

With the growth of social media, a complaint from an unhappy customer can spread like wildfire. Sometimes the first a business will hear of an issue is via their Facebook page or Twitter feed, often as a public post. Swift and positive resolutions are essential to limit the damage. More often than not, a company ends up being criticised for their ‘approach’ to resolving an issue rather than the original issue itself.

Online customer reviews have grown exponentially in recent years, both in popularity amongst consumers voicing their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a product or service and therefore, their decision to purchase or take-up a particular service is affected.

Sponsoring a local club or society can do wonders

Sponsorships arrangements can help raise a company’s profile and help promote a positive image of the brand, for example, logos on a local sports team’s kit or working with other professional organisations. Great care should be taken to ensure the companies and organisations you choose to align yourself with are the right ones for your business.

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Tabitha Fox

Companies make mistakes and customers complain, do not compound the mistake by dealing with the complaint badly! An unhappy customer complaint can spread and gain momentum on social media.

Social Brand Time will help you manage your Public Relations, help you with your Customer Care Management and work with you on your internal policies.

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Companies make mistakes and customers complain, do not compound the mistake by dealing with the complaint badly!