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Good websites’ SEO demand tireless efforts

Great websites and SEO go hand in hand. There is a lot of information and advice floating around on what makes a great website and what SEO techniques work, but what does it mean to you? There are many factors that contribute to a well-performing website, and one of the most important is using a great web designer, the backbone and coding of a website is fundamental to the functionality and therefore the success of the website.

How many times have you become frustrated with a site because it is ‘clunky’ or not easy to use? A considerable amount of thought and planning needs to go into the building of a website, words and pictures come much later.

Does your company need a website?

Yes, not only do you need a website, you need a website that is ‘responsive’ or in simpler terms, a website that is usable no matter what device is being used to view and interact with it, (tablet, desktop, phone, etc). You should consider your website as your shop window or a digital-showcase for your products and services. A good website could mean the difference between someone trading or not trading with you, by ‘trading’ we mean, ‘doing business’.

What does a website SEO mean?

Search Engine Optimisation ‘SEO’ in basic terms is the continual creating / updating of your website and its content in such a way that it is easy for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to read all of the information on your site and index (like old-fashioned library cards) the information, so when a potential customer searches for something online, the search engine can quickly cross-reference all of its ‘index cards’ and present the searcher with the best matches.

There are several outdated methods, such as keyword stuffing, still doing the rounds, but the search engines are sophisticated and intelligent tools that look for so much more than keyword repetition, in fact, keyword stuffing is now penalised in search engine page rankings.

Website SEO will continue to ever-evolve so we will always be learning

SEO is an evolving technique and skill and ‘SEOing’ a site is not a one-off job, between search engines redefining the optimisation rules, and the need to continually refresh your keywords to drive traffic to your website organically. the job is never really complete. Additionally, there are many aspects of SEO beyond the keywords on your site. These include online reviews, digital footprint accuracy and social media. These all play a crucial role in the search rankings of your business’ website.

Websites SEO - Social Brand Time

Tabitha Fox

Be aware of any company offering to ‘SEO‘ or ‘Optimise‘ your site, done badly it can be very damaging to your page rankings.

Old keyword-stuffing techniques should firmly be a thing of the past, but sadly, we see these all too often appearing on otherwise well-performing Websites.

Effective Search Engine Optimisation or ‘SEO‘ is a combination of many elements including online reviews, and digital footprint accuracy as well as the text on your website. You also need to consider carefully, the keywords you use, as this will determine what your company will be indexed for and ‘where’ your company will be found. Talk to Social Brand Time – we can guide you in the right direction and make you aware of the SEO pitfalls.

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