The Social Mix: Make social media an integrated part of your marketing efforts

Social Media Management; like anything powerful and persuasive, social media must be respected

You can’t talk about the Social Media Management without discussing the fact that social media is an undeniable force in the world of marketing, but rules and regulations still apply and must not be ignored. What is appropriate social media use in your personal life could be seriously harmful to your business!.

There are many different platforms/channels to consider including:-

Not all social media platforms will be relevant to your business. For the ones you do decide on it is crucial to use them frequently and that they are monitored.

Social media is a powerful medium and can generate business leads

Used correctly, social media is a powerful tool and will help build your Brand, increase your customer reach, and improve your search engine rankings. Poorly used, it can be extremely damaging to your business.

Keep Social Media precisely that – Social!

Social Media Management; one of the most important things about social media, is that it should be ‘social,’ it should not be used to shout sales messages to customers constantly, the content should be interesting and engaging. Consideration should be given to what you are ‘liking’ and ‘sharing,’ what reflection do these posts have on your business? Are they accidentally affiliating you politically or radically?  If you are purely using social media scheduling tools or paying someone to deliver sales content to your social media feeds, then you are going to be missing out on the significant power of social media.

Find your Voice.

Social Brand Time will help you with your presence, strategy, scheduling and reach. Your social media “voice” is extremely important, it should be consistent and representational of your business. We can help you ‘find your voice.’

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The Social Mix - Social Brand Time

Tabitha Fox

Social media should be an integrated part of your marketing strategy and not considered as something that happens occasionally when someone remembers!

Social media is far more than Facebook, there are a significant number of platforms and each platform has an identified demographic, so your presence on social media should match your target audience. Do some research of your own – work out which platforms will aid the growth of your business the most. Better still, talk to Social Brand Time – we can help!

Social media is meant to be 'social' - Not a one-way stream of sales messages!